Tuesday, February 17, 2009

இ BONNIE TYLER, Total Eclipse of the Heart

In 1970 a husky Welsh teenager, Bonnie Tyler (born Gaynor Hopkins on 8 June 1951) aged 19 then, competed in a talentine contest and won second place and that's her 'turn around' to stardom. A blessing in disguise for her throat surgery in 1976 to remove the nodules (small knotty node, ganglion not noodles ok!), which made her voice even more huskier thus created a greater impact, coined as the female version of Rod Steward. Four weeks after 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' was released in 1983, it hit the ceiling with over 5 million records sold which 'eclipsed' Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jeans' from top of UK charts speading over to Europe and US to reach #1. Phew! Awesome!

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