Saturday, March 21, 2009

ഌ CYNDI LAUPER, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun|Time After Time|True Colors

Cyndi Lauper born Cynthia Ann Stephanie "Cyndi" Lauper (born June 22, 1953) in Queens, New York is an American Grammy - and Emmy award winning singer-songwriter and actress. She achieved success in the mid-1980s with the release of the album 'She's So Unusual', and became the first artist to have four top-five singles released from one album and became a worldwide hit and spread like wildfire. At the time Lauper became popular with teenagers and critics, in part due to her hybrid punk image. (Personally I quite like her 'cute' unique voice easily recognizable). Lauper has released 11 albums and over 40 singles, selling more than 25 million albums and singles worldwide.

Lauper knew she could write songs, but the record company had a lot of material they wanted her to record. She altered a lot of the songs that were thrown her way, often changing the lyrics to suit her. (This would end up helping her in the long run financially as she could claim credit as a co-writer and collect royalties.) An example is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun", Lauper says the original lyrics of the song dealt more with a girl pleasing a man, therefore she changed the lyrics, wanting the song to be more of an anthem as she felt the original song seemed misogynistic.

The album's second single was the ballad "Time After Time". Lauper co-wrote "Time After Time" with Rob Hyman when her producer, Rick Chertoff, suggested to the band that the album could use one more song. The record label did not have much faith in Lauper as a songwriter, but they gave her the chance to prove herself. "Time After Time" was one of the biggest hits of 1984. It has been covered by more than 100 artists. Lauper came up with the title for "Time After Time" while reading TV Guide — Time After Time was a 1979 science fiction movie starring Malcolm McDowell as H. G. Wells, portraying him inventing and then traveling in a time machine. She has also stated that the apartment that she shared with David in New York had a very loud alarm clock, and that's where the lyrics "I hear the clock tick and think of you" originated. [wikipedia]

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