Sunday, March 29, 2009

ഌ CULTURE CLUB, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me|Karma Chamleon|Move Away

Culture Club is a Grammy Award-winning British pop group that formed in the early 1980s. The band consisted of Boy George (lead vocals), Mikey Craig (bass guitar), Roy Hay (guitar and keyboards), and Jon Moss (drums and percussion).

It was with the release of their third single "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", a reggae-influenced number, that the group scored one of its biggest hits. The song went to #1 in the UK in late 1982 and became an international smash, peaking at #1 in over a dozen countries (#2 US). With George's eccentric and androgynous look and long hair, the band's debut on Top of the Pops caused headlines such as "Wally of the week" and "Mr. (or is it Mrs.?) Weird" .

The first single "Move Away" became a hit, peaking at UK #7 and US #12, and the album seemed capable of returning Culture Club back to hit-making status. George's drug addiction began to circulate in British and American tabloids, which were denied by the singer. In July 1986, he was arrested by the British police for possession of cannabis. The band broke up and George pursued a solo career with several European hits and a couple of US Top 40 hits. [wikipedia]

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