Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ഌ CELINE DION, My Heart Will Go On

Céline Marie Claudette Dion, CC, OQ (born March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec) is a Canadian sopranosinger, songwriter, and recording artist. Winning both the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest catapulted her to international recognition. It don't come easy to start of her singing career as her manager and future husband Rene Angelil mortgaged his home to finance her first record. She was inducted into the Canadian Broadcast Hall of Fame, and was honoured with a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. She also won the Grammy Awards for "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance" and the most coveted "Record of the Year" for "My Heart Will Go On" (the song won four awards, but two were presented to the songwriters). Most would associate TitaniCeline with the movie 'Titanic' and the unforgettable caption - 'You Jump I Jump'.

The New York Times writes
“ Ms. a belter with a high, thin, slightly nasal, nearly vibratoless soprano and a good-sized arsenal of technical skills. She can deliver tricky melismas, produce expressive vocal catches and sustain long notes without the tiniest wavering of pitch. And as her hit duets...have shown, she is a reliable harmony voice."

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