Thursday, December 11, 2008

፨ The Young Ones

Watched this movie 'The Young Ones' with Peter Chin in early 60s in a small cowboy town called Kulim in Kedah. Name of the theatre is Coronation better known as 'Kah Men' by our old folks in Hakka dialect. The price of ticket RM0.65 shared by the two of us. We have calculated the cost if we buy two tickets for 3rd class total be RM0.80 and take chances to share one ticket at RM0.65 (those days allowed to combine two children into one adult ticket) thus with the money saved know what we would buy ? 5 sen of 'Hacks' & 10 sen of 2 packets kua chi as our usual. If full house would share the seat ,if not can have the luxury of the next seat or any other two seats available. There were three theatres then, the other two being 'Kim Wah' and Cathay. Those days we have three classes of seating, RM0.40 for 3rd class, RM0.65 for 2nd class and RM1.25 for 1st class and it was upstairs. Price of ticket as at 2008 average RM9.00 one class (Kuala Lumpur price) a whopping 620% increase in ticket price. Those days morning shows were called 'Cheap Matinee' and in this era - 'Early Bird'. Years may come years may go, live life to the fullest. Just like the song ~ "Tomorrow, why wait until tomorrow. Cos' tomorrow sometimes never come. There is a song to be sung and the best time to sing it while we're young". This song is for you Peter & brother Chin FahShin, the message is 'be young at heart even if you are at 64 or 90.' ('Noticed the font size is at its largest just in case you've got 'old flower').

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Pete said...

Yo Bro, The Young Ones, luckily u use large fonts leh, otherwise my eyes cannot see it clearly lorr! Ha ha! Good old times!