Wednesday, December 10, 2008

፨ Bringing On Back The Good Times, The Love Affair


Since you went away I've been losing my sleep at night
Never thought there 'd come a day
When you'd be back to make everything right
But how wrong could I be 'cos now you're here with me

Bringing on back the good times, taking away the pain.
You're bringing on back the good times and I'm living on air
So glad that you're there, sweeping away the sad times
Making me laugh again
You're bringing on back the good times and you started believing
Now that I'm loving again

I've never been loved by anybody that's quite like you
So when you're telling me of, all the things you want me to do
Now you've made me see what you mean to me
You're bringing on back ....


Justin Choo said...

Hey Sir friend,

Are you Sir Cliff Richard? Your photo looks like him.

Pete said...

Sir Cliff Hosan, sounds good leh! LOL

CheaHS@n said...

I am that I am, sounds like me, looks like me but could not be me.