Saturday, December 13, 2008

፨ I Write The Songs - Barry Manilow

Hi Mark @ Hot Kram, remember the good old days in A&A in the early 90s? Well my very first experience to hear my GM sang "I Write The Songs" & performed in public at a Karoke in Penang Sheraton. Phew great showmanship. This song always linger in my mind and kind of associate with this phrase "If we don't 'kill' we don't eat - get BORL" as each time we charged out of office in Wisma Manilal, Penang to secure 'BORL' (Broker Of Record Letter) we would repeat it many many times. Your policy of "When at work, we work hard and when we play, we play harder" has earned you tremendous respect. This song is for you, just for old times sake with sweet memories.

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